Where Did My Wise Owl Nest Online Minerva Fly Off To?

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Confused by the commotion? Hocus Pocus. Take a deep breath and envision a world of life, purple fumes and moist scents of fruity flavors. Soon, our team of programmers, scientists, engineers, chemists, alchemists, philosophers, numerologists, magicians, cartographers, and genies will bring to you the very latest edition of The Owl Nest Online. This will be an indulgence for the six senses. Nerves will tingle and emotions will rattle. New technologies will come out of the woodwork. You can shout out to us;¬†you can stalk us, but you can’t hide from our aura of awesomeness. Stay tuned for the latest performance update fellow gene carrier as we unlock the next level of The Owl Nest.

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