Cedarwood Body Wrap: Enter the Tranquility Zone.....Your wrap begins with a gentle full body exfoliation, preparing your skin to receive the maximum benefits that the Cedarwood Body Wrap has to offer. As you are cocooned in the wrap your body will drift into a peaceful place of being. To deepen the relaxation experience a scalp and neck massage will melt away any stress.You will leave feeling pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated!

This Cedarwood Essential Oil is collected from the Cedrus Atlantica trees in Morocco and has an earthy aroma that is slightly spicy. Cedarwood's virtues are soothing and grounding and encourages feelings of warmth and inner strength.

Energy Balancing Massage Therapy: Your treatment begins with an energy balancing treatment that creates a sense of being centered and inner peace. Flow and balance in your energy centers are established preparing the way for a deeply relaxing and healing full body massage. Break up blocks, congestion and stagnation of old and outworn energies that are hindering whole health and well being. Awaken your spirit with an Energy Balancing Massage and let your spirits soar!

Hot Stone Massage Therapy: Hot Stone massage was originally developed by Native Americans to treat achy, sore muscles. Used as a variation of classic massage, smooth lava stones are warmed and used as an extension of the practitioner's hands to help warm up and relax tight muscles allowing deep, penetrating relief. A perfect choice for chilly winter months!

Swedish Massage Therapy: Swedish massage is the best known body-work modality in practice today. It's primary goal is relaxation, however, it's benefits are much deeper than just feeling good on the surface level. Increase circulation, muscle movement, release lactic acid toxins, reduce stress, and revitalize your natural energy flow (chi).

Raindrop Technique: Raindrop Therapy clears and align your energy centers creating a general sense of well being. A series aromatic essential oils are showered along and around the spinal column then gently massaged onto your back. When all the oils have been applied your back is draped with a moist, warm compress which allows the oils to penetrate on deeper levels and additional energy work is administered. Raindrop Therapy is a gentle technique that delivered deep and often profound healing of the body, mind and spirit.

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