Past Life Regression: Travel to a distance place and time and discover who you were, what you accomplished, where you lived and traveled, which time period you lived, and more. Find clues to help discover who you are and why you are in this lifetime! Enlightening, Healing and Fun! Includes digital recording of your private session

Includes Digital Recording of your Session

Future Life Progression: Travel to a distant place and time, maybe in your current incarnation, perhaps in a future one. See the possibilities! See how your current life effects the future you, family, and world. The future is fluid and subject to change, the choices you make are yours, remember, choose wisely!

Includes Digital Recording of your Session

Hypnosis for Change: Change your life! Choose from a variety of themes: create abundance in your life, fertility issues, increase memory and/or study habits, manage stress, overcome fears, remove blocks and self limitations, smoking cessation, and weight loss.

Includes Digital Recording of your Session
NOTE: Please call 72 hours in advance for an appointment. Hypnosis for Change appointments are custom tailored and need preparation time.

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